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The Best Advantage Hard Hat
Tonneau Cover Review

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The reason why many say this the best review for the Advantage Hard Hat tonneau cover!

Searchers have admitted that this Advantage Hard hat tonneau cover review is the most informational because of the fact that it has been created to help shoppers that are wondering if this truck bed cover is any good as well as if it is the best choice to fill their needs.

They have soon noticed that I am not writing it with marketing the cover as my primary motive as many other reviews on the go. Without a doubt, I would be greatful if you were to purchase this roll up tonneau through this site if you are wanting to buy, and I assure you will get a best price guarantee. My main concern with this review is that you know all about this cover so you can make a decision if it is right for you.

I have went through numerous customer reviews through ebay, amazon and a number of other automotive sites and will list the major points these previous customers have mentioned at the bottom of this review.

Short Description:

At first glance you would think that this is a soft tonneau cover but upon further inspection you would quickly learn that it is a folding tonneau cover with a soft outer cover and a plastic underneath. You get the great look of the soft cover but the protection and security of a hard cover. Open the tailgate, turn the release latches and fold the cover towards the cab. Easy access to your cargo area makes a folding tonneau cover very appealing to a pickup truck owner. You have the option of 8 oz vinyl or 18 ounce rag top for the outer covering.


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 questions about the Advantage Hard Hat tonneau cover 

Familiar questions on the
Advantage Hard Hat tonneau cover

 questions about the Advantage Hard Hat tonneau cover

Advantage Hard Hat questions  Is it a tough job to install the Advantage Hard Hat tonneau cover?

This Advantage Hard hat tonneau cover review revealed that the setup is quick and also easy with no need for tools or drilling. It comes with custom-made, design specific clamps. The manufacturer claims it installs in a couple of mins and I have to agree. The come preassembled and clamp on very easily. I have included an install video to show you how easy it is to install the Hard Hat tonneau, you will have to see it to believe it.

Advantage Hard Hat questions Is the Advantage Hard Hat tonneau cover a top quality cover?

The framework is constructed from light weight aluminum which will last you a long time. This is an excellent hard folding tonneau cover with a superior quality tear resistant 18 ounce vinyl tarp or the optional 18 oz rag top tarp which cover the hard plastic panels that provide ultimate folding cover security. It has stainless steel hinge pins for long lasting trouble free opening and closing.

Advantage Hard Hat questions What keeps the weather out of the Advantage Hard Hat tonneau cover?

It has seals all around the cover with the largest in the industry front and rear seals to keep the weather out.

Advantage Hard Hat questions Just how does the Advantage Hard Hat truck bed cover security rate?

This cover opens up by dropping the tailgate as well as the cover has 2 patented easy to use, turn to release handles under the cover. Lower the cover and turn the handles to open or close the cover.

Having to let down the tailgate to release the locks is an excellent security factor. If you have a tailgate lock installed it will certainly contribute to the security element a large amount. If you don't currently have a tailgate lock installed, you can buy a Bolt tailgate lock. They are rather affordable and quite easy to mount. The under panels of the cover are hard plastic which provide much more protection and security than any soft tonneau.

Advantage Hard Hat questions Can I operate my truck with the Advantage Hard Hat pickup bed cover opened?

The cover opens all the way to the last section near the cab as well as secures with quality nylon straps which are integrated into the cover. You can then operate the truck with the cover fully opened up to carry taller kind of items.

Advantage Hard Hat questions Can I keep my bed rail caps with the Advantage Hard Hat truck bed cover?

The cover will accomodate pretty much any bed rail cap but other accessories that need the stake holes will not be able to be used.The Hard Hat Truck Bed Cover mounts on top of the pick-up sides partially covering the stake holes.

Advantage Hard Hat questions Does the Advantage pickup bed cover have a factory warranty?

This cover has a limited factory Lifetime warranty on the frame & tarp - Advantage Truck Accessories offers a lifetime warranty against defective materials or workmanship on all tonneau rails, aluminum components, clamps, bows, hardware, and tarps.

Advantage Hard Hat questions Do previous buyers like the Advantage Hard Hat pickup bed cover?

During this Advantage Hard hat tonneau cover review, I have done a great deal of study on this pick-up bed cover and also check out a lot of previous customer comments. I will assemble a number of the crucial factors and list them below. 

 Access Hard Hat tonneau cover happy customer 


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