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The Best Advantage Sure-Fit
Tonneau Cover Review

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Find out why many consider this the best Advantage Sure-Fit tonneau cover review!

Many think that this Advantage Sure-Fit tonneau cover review is the most effective considering that it has been created to help folks that are pondering if this pickup bed cover is good quality as well as if it is the most beneficial for their specific needs.

I am not writing it with the single objective of marketing the cover to you as holds true for mostly all other assessments available. Obviously I would be tickled pink if you were to acquire the cover through this site if you are planning to buy, and I assure you will receive a best price guarantee. Yet I find it important that you to know just what you are purchasing so that you do not make any type of mistakes in buying a cover that is not suited to you.

I wish you to be sure that this truck bed cover is the finest matched for you and also your pickup. My viewpoints are based upon various previous customer opinions that I have actually checked out, as well as jotted down anything I believed might deserve your knowing.

 Brief Sure-Fit Tonneau Description:

This Advantage Sure-Fit tonneau cover review revealed that this is an economically priced roll up tonneau cover that has that old school look and protects your cargo from the weather. It also protects your cargo from thieves by not allowing them to see if you are carrying under your tarp or not. Roll up is not that hard. The tarp is constructed from 18 ounce tear resistant vinyl and carries a limited 10 year factory warranty. It has an all black aluminum frame with a factory limited lifetime guarantee. This just happens to be a great alternative for those of who haven't got deep pockets but need a decent product to protect their cargo. It has the same gas saving properties and gives your truck a great look. 

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Addvantage Sure-Fit Questions 


Questions asked about the
Advantage Sure-Fit Tonneau Cover

 Addvantage Sure-Fit Questions

Sure-Fit Tonneau Cover Questions  Is the Advantage Sure-Fit tonneau cover easy to install?

The installation is fairly easy with no need for drilling. It comes with custom designed, model specific clamps. I have included a Sure-Fit tonneau cover installation video to give you an idea how this cover installs.

Sure-Fit Tonneau Cover Questions Is the Advantage Sure-Fit pickup bed cover made with quality materials?

The frame is all black and constructed out of aluminum which should last you a long time. This is an economically priced roll up cover and the vinyl tarp is made with 18 oz vinyl. The tarp has tear resistant properties to keep it from tearing. All parts have a limited warranty you can find more on in the questions below.

Sure-Fit Tonneau Cover Questions What type of sealing system does the Advantage Sure-Fit pickup bed cover have?

This cover features a snap sealing system that are not fixed. They float along the frame to allow easier closing and to allow the tarp to adjust to different temperatures to keep it snug.

Sure-Fit Tonneau Cover Questions What kind of security does the Advantage Sure-Fit tonneau cover provide?

This truck bed cover like most roll up covers provide security from the weather for your cargo. It also keeps your cargo out of sight so as thieves don't know if there is anything under the tarp or not. Out of sight - out of mind.

Sure-Fit Tonneau Cover Questions Can I drive with the Advantage Sure-Fit tonneau cover opened?

The cover rolls up all the way to the cab and secures with quality straps provided. You can then drive with the cover fully opened to haul taller type cargo. This is where owning a roll up tonneau cover becomes beneficial, there is no need to remove it, just roll it up and secure it.

Sure-Fit Tonneau Cover Questions Can I keep my bed rail protectors with the Advantage Sure-Fit tonneau cover?

The Sure-Fit Pickup Cover installs on top of the truck the sides aand covers the stake holes to some degree. This will not allow you to use any truck accessoories that need the stake holes.

Sure-Fit Tonneau Cover Questions Does the Advantage Sure-Fit tonneau cover have any type of guarantee?

It carries a factory lifetime warranty against defective materials or workmanship on all tonneau rails, aluminum components, clamps, bows, hardware, and a 10 year warranty against defective materials or workmanship on the vinyl covering.

Sure-Fit Tonneau Cover Questions What are previous customers saying about the Advantage Sure-Fit tonneau cover?

I have done a lot of research on this cover and read a lot of previous customer reviews. That is why I decided to do this Advantage Sure-Fit tonneau cover review. I will compile a number of the important points and list them here.

 Advantage Sure-Fit Tonneau Cover Happy Customer


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Advantage Sure-Fit Tonneau Cover Happy Customer

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