Advantage Truck Bed Covers

Truck Bed Covers

   This company has three models of pickup bed covers to offer. They have the Torza Top, which is a Tri-Fold pickup bed cover as well as the Sure Fit, which is a soft roll up cover with snaps as a sealing system. Not your old school type snaps though. The third product that the manufacturer has to offer, is the Hard Hat. This item is also a folding truck cover which is a hard plastic shell with a a soft vinyl cover over the top. It looks like a soft roll up cover but it is much more than that.


 TorzaTop Tonneau Cover Image

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   The TorzaTop is an inexpensive soft folding tonneau. This tri-fold truck cover does everything those more expensive folding pickup truck covers does at a lower price. This product comes fully assembled and ready to install on your truck. You will have it installed within minutes after receiving it. As with all tonneau's, the TorzaTop will protect your cargo from the weather and thieves as well. Click on the image to get a whole lot more information as well as prices for one to fit your particular truck.

Sure Fit

Sure Fit Tonneau Cover Image

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     This is a soft roll up truck bed cover that is under everyone’s budget. Don’t let the low price fool you. Keep your cargo dry and protected from thieves at a very low price. The cover has a snap up sealing system but unlike the old snap up tonneau of yester year which you had to rivet the snaps right to your truck’s side rails, the snaps float along rails so they can move when the tarp stretches and relaxes with temperature changes. Click on the image to get much more information, prices and customer ratings. 

 Hard Hat

Hard Hat Tonneau Cover Image

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   This is the premiere pickup cover made by Advantage. It is a very unique tonneau in the fact it has the look of a soft folding cover with a vinyl tarp outside covering a plastic shell underneath. Click on the image to learn much more about this folding Tri-fold pickup bed cover as well as get pricing for your particular pickup truck and read customerevaluations. Check out all the facts on this product now.

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