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The Best American Tri-Fold
Folding Tonneau Cover Review

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Why is this the best American tri-fold folding tonneau cover review?

People looking for information on this product consider this to be the best American tri-fold folding tonneau cover review because it meets their needs to figure out if this cover is any good to them.

Although I would be tickled pink if you buy this cover through this site, my main goal with this review is to make sure the cover is right for your particular needs. The quality of the cover itself is OK, but is it what you are looking for in a truck bed cover? That is the purpose of this review and why I have decided to write it in the first place.

Choosing a truck bed cover isn't all that easy with all the products available in todays market. Does the cover do exactly what you need it to do? This is the main thing you need to look at. Remember this review isn't created with the intention of tricking you into buying this cover like almost all other reviews out there. If you do decide this cover is right for your needs, you can follow the link near the bottom of the page to get it at a price that has a lowest price guarantee!

Short Description:

This American tri-fold folding tonneau cover review reveals that this is a soft tri-fold folding tonneau cover that has the advantage of being one of the cheapest price soft folding covers on the market. It does everything that the higher price covers does at a lower price. One of the most beneficial aspects of this type of cover is the fast, easy access to your truck bed.

You just open your tailgate, release the rear clamp on each side, then fold it towards the cab. The first sections rest on top of the last section. You can secure it there with the straps that have been integrated into the cover and travel with the tonneau in the open position.

The frame is constructed with aluminum to assure long lasting qualities without corrosion. The tarp is made with tough tear resistant fabric for long lasting weather protection for your cargo.


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 questions about the American tonneau cover 

Popular questions on the
American Tri-Fold tonneau cover

 questions about the American tonneau cover

popular american tonneau questions  Is the American Tri-Fold pick up bed cover easy to install?

You will find there is no need for drilling, or tools to install this cover. It comes fully assembled and is just a matter of laying the truck bed cover on the side rails of your truck behind the cab and aligning the clamps and tightening them. I have included a video below that will show you just how easy this cover is to install.

popular american tonneau questions Is it possible to drive with the American Tri-Fold tonneau cover opened?

The cover opens up with the first 2 sections folding up onto the last section behind the cab. You are able to secure it there with straps that are incorporated into the cover. It is definitely ok to drive with the cover in the open position once you have secured it with the staps provided.

popular american tonneau questions Will the American Tri-Fold tonneau cover provide descent protection for my cargo?

You have to lower the tailgate and release the easy to use rear clamps under the cover the cover. Lowering the tailgate to release the latches is a good security factor and if you have a tailgate lock on your truck it will add much more security. If you don't already have a lock you can easily purchase an aftermarket tailgate lock. They are not that expensive, easy to install and well worth the investment.

popular american tonneau questions Does the American Tri-Fold pickup bed cover have good sealing protection?

This cover folds down on a rubber seal that goes all the way around the cover. The hinges are designed to ward off water to keep it out of your cargo area. It does a pretty darn good job at keeping your truck bed nice and dry. It also comes with a free tailgate seal.

popular american tonneau questions Are the materials that the American Tri-Fold truck bed cover made with, of good quality?

The frame is constructed out of aluminum which should last you a long time without corrosion. The tarp is tear-resistant material that is designed to look good and last a long time. The clamps are made with glass reinforced vinyl.

 popular american tonneau questions Can I keep my bed rail protectors with the American Tri-Fold tonneau cover?

The American Tonneaau installs on top of the truck sides covering your stake holes. Although this is better for weather protection you are not able to use accessories that need the stake holes.

 popular american tonneau questions Does the American Tri-Fold tonneau cover come with a warranty?

The American Tonneau is backed by a manufacturers limited lifetime warranty. The full hardware kit including rails, clamps and bows are warranted for the lifetime of ownership by the original consumer purchaser. The fabric cover is warranted for 10-years. The warranty will be considered void if the product has been removed from the original vehicle.

popular american tonneau questions What do previous customers think about the American Tri-Fold tonneau cover?

I have done a lot of research on this cover and read a lot of previous customer reviews and that is why I done this American tri-fold folding tonneau cover review. I will compile a number of the important points and list them here.

 american tri-fold tonneau cover happy customer 


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  american tri-fold tonneau cover happy customer


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