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The Best Rated Bak Bakflip F1
Tonneau Cover Review

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Why people have chosen this to be the best Bakflip F1 pickup bed cover review!

Many viewers have found that this ;review for the Bakflip F1 truck bed cover was the best they seen. The reason they have come to this conclusion is because it is not biased like pretty well all reviews you find on other sites and youtube as well. They have one thing in mind and that is to try tricking you into buying the cover they are reviewing.

People have found right away that my first thoughts here are to make sure everything about this cover and make sure that you have enough information to know if this cover is right for you or not. My thoughts and tips as well as notes I have taken while going through numerous previous customer reviews will be found farther down the page.

I will be truthful when I say I would be very grateful if you did buy the cover through this site and I would promise you a lowest price guarantee. I first want to make sure that you are sure the cover is right for you.

Brief Description:

The Bakflip F1 tonneau cover is tough hard folding truck bed cover and is the premium bakflip model. You will enjoy all the features of the other bakflip models with this cover. With a hard folding tonneau cover you get the benefit of super fast and easy access to your cargo area when you need it. It has the ability to folds in increments and each section latches down for security. It can also  to fold all the way up to the cab and secure there for full bed access and to protect your rtear window. Other covers fall short here because the folded sections lay on top of the last section and you lose that much of your truck bed when you want to carry taller type cargo. Look at the questions below to find out more.

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 questions about the Bak Bakflip F1 tonneau cover 

Here are questions I noticed on the
Bakflip F1 tonneau cover

 questions about the Bak Bakflip F1 tonneau cover

Bak Bakflip F1 pickup bed cover questions Will the Bakflip F1 keep my cargo dry?

This folding cover has a heavy duty seal made from a a special rubber compound that is very tough and goes around the perimeter of the cover. The long lasting EPDM rubber hinges are built to withstand many opening and closing uses.These hinges are encased with aluminum which are designed to ward off into special designed channels which are actually the side rails. The side rails are designed to carry any water which may possibly have made it through the seals. They carry the water toward drain hoses that go down through the pickup bed through various options. The drain hoses can exit your truck bed through the factory rubber plugs in the bottom of your truck bed or routed through holes in your stake pockets.

Bak Bakflip F1 pickup bed cover questions Will the Bak Bakflip F1 manage to keep my cargo safe from thieves?

Let's face it, this isn't a perfect world. There are people out there that think they have the god given right to take things that don't belong to them. Well this cover can help deter those thieves with a tough security design. The cover is hard and you definitely won't cut into it with a knife like you will a soft cover. Each panel locks down individually. This helps keep anyone from prying up on the middle of the cover and getting their arms in under your cover. The last section locks down and you have to open the tailgate to release the latches. If your truck has a tailgate lock it will keep them from opening the gate to open the cover. If you don't have a tailgate lock already, you can buy an aftermarket tailgate lock which are not that expensive and very easy to install. Well worth the money.

Bak Bakflip F1 pickup bed cover questions Is the Bakflip F1 made with quality?

The top of the cover has a uv protected textured top manufactured from tough fiberglass reinforced polymer laminated to a super dense EPS while the underside is aluminum which has been epoxy coated. The side rails have 1/8 aluminum support surface. This allows the cover to handle more weight and superior water resistance. The tough EPDM rubber hinges are designed to last a long time with many openings of the cover. The latches are heavy duty and built to last. The panel hinges are designed to minimize water and ice build up on the top of the cover and are guaranteed to last a long time.

Bak Bakflip F1 pickup bed cover questions Does the Bakflip F1 work with rail protectors and other accessories that need the stake pockets?

The stake pockets remain uncovered with the installation of the Bakflip F1 allowing many top rail accessories that require the stake pockets such as truck racks, bed caps, tie downs, rail protectors and more. It also works with bed extenders, spray-on and under-the-rail bed liners, toolboxes and storage units, sliding bed trays. Over the rail bed limers have to have notches cut in them underneath the top of the rail to allow the clamps to engage.

Bak Bakflip F1 pickup bed cover questions Is it hard to install the Bakflip F1 pickup bed cover?

Check out the video below first. This will give you a much better idea of what the step by step instructions are telling you to do. Some advice as with any installation project, take your time and and do not tighten the clamps all the way to start. This is to make alignment easier later. You can easily manage to install the Bakflip F1 by yourself but in my opinion, it is wise and easier to have a friend help you out. I have included this installation video which is used on all the Bakflip models.

This is a basic Bakflip Install Video for a Chev Pickup


Here you will also find specific Bakflip installation videos on vehicles such as,

  • Ford Sport Trac 
  • Toyota Tundra 
  • Toyota Tacoma 
  • Chevy Avalanche 
  • Dodge Rambox 
  • Honda Ridge Line 
  • Ford F150 
  • Ford F250 
  • Here you will find an installation video for an option on the Bakflip drain tubes.
  • Here is a modification to the drain tube video above if your rubber plugs have been sprayed over with a sprayed in bed liner.

Bak Bakflip F1 pickup bed cover questions Can I drive with the Bak Bakflip F1 hard folding truck bed cover open?

As with the other Bakflip models, each section latches down individually as you close the cover. You can drive with it open in different increments but you shoul secue the sections with the help of the D rings which are integrated into the top of the cover behind the cab.You can open it to the cab with it standing upright covering the back window. The support rods which are included specifically for this are attached to the rails to secure the cover in this position. So unlike other folding covers, you have full access to your pickup bed for taller cargo. It also provides protection for the rear window when loading cargo.

Bak Bakflip F1 pickup bed cover questionsHow do I clean the Bakflip F1?

To wash the cover, use soap and water the same as you would washing your truck. You can add uv ray protection once in a while by applying a 3M formula 303 UV protectant. Do not use wax or cleaners that have wax in them.

Bak Bakflip F1 pickup bed cover questions What type of warranty is on the Bakflip F1?

You get a factory 3 year warranty with this tough cover.

Bak Bakflip F1 pickup bed cover questions Are there good reviews by previous customers for this tonneau?

I have went through numerous previous customer reviews and other places such as forums and I taken notes that I think may be of interest to you. I will condense my notes so you aren't reading the same things over and over. I will then list them below.

I have included a Bakflip F1 overview video you may find valuable.


 Bak Bakflip F1 tonneau cover happy customer 


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  Bak Bakflip F1 tonneau cover happy customer

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