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Best Review For The
Bakflip Fibermax Tonneau Cover

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Quickly figure out why this is known as the best Bakflip Fibermax pickup bed cover review!

This Bakflip Fibermax review is known as the best for a couple of simple reasons. Mainly because it was not written for the purpose of trying to sell the cover like all other reviews you will notice on the internet including YouTube. The real story of this cover just isn't covered by those other reviews.

You will notice that this review is written with good information to help you see exactly what this cover is all about. My notes and information are based on numerous previous customer reviews as well as other automotive sites and blog comments. You will find at the lower section on this page the notes from all the sites I have visited. I spent a lot of time at this so pickup truck owners will have one place to come to get all the facts they need.

I am not saying I wouldn't want you to bbuy a cover through this site. I'd be very pleased if you did buy the BakfliP Fibermax tonneau cover through this website and you would get a lowest price guarantee if you did decide to. Before I attempt to sell you the tonneau, I want to make sure you have all the right information to make sure this pickup bed cover is a perfect fit for you.

Short Description:

This is a very good hard folding tonneau cover that provides top quality security as well as great weather protection. It is very low profile which is something pickup truck owners love in a cover. Quick easy access to pretty well all your truck bed. The panels are built with a fiberglass reinforced polymer top with a beautiful textured finish and an aluminum underside. There is a 1/2 inch eps core for even greater strength and rigidness. Go ahead and slap up to 400 pounds on top of it if absolutely necessary. Each section has latches that automtically lock while closing the cover. The latches easily unlock from one side of the cover just by quickly pulling on the release cable as you open each section. It folds in increments of each section or all the way to the cab in a slightly slanted position where it can be secured with the securing rods to drive with it open. This is something other folding covers do not do. They fold up onto the last section where you lose that much space for taller type cargo.

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 questions about the Bakflip Fibermax tonneau cover 

Popular questions on the
Bakflip Fibermax tonneau cover

 questions about the Bakflip Fibermax tonneau cover

Bakflip Fibermax questions and answers How is the secrity factor with the Bakflip Fibermax?

Not only does the rear section near the tailgate lock while closing, every section locks down automatically while closing. This makes prying up on the middle of the cover to get an arm in at your cargo extremely difficult. The cover is a hard folding tonneau cover so a thief would be very disappointed if they tried cutting their way in it with a knife compared to a soft cover. I would recommend buying an aftermarket tailgate lock if your truck doesn't already have one. They are inexpensive and very easy to install. A very good investment to keep your cargo secure.

Bakflip Fibermax questions and answers Is there a guarantee with the Bakflip Fibermax?

This cover has a two year factory warranty covering defects in materials and workmanship.

Bakflip Fibermax questions and answers Is the Bakflip Fibermax difficult to install?

This cover isn't that hard to install on your pickup truck. No drilling required on most pickups and only one wrench needed for the clamps. I have included a video below so you can see for yourself how easy the installation really is.

This is a basic Bakflip Install Video for a Chev Pickup


Here you will also find specific Bakflip installation videos on vehicles such as,

  • Ford Sport Trac  
  • Toyota Tundra  
  • Toyota Tacoma  
  • Chevy Avalanche  
  • Dodge Rambox  
  • Honda Ridge Line  
  • Ford F150  
  • Ford F250  
  • Here you will find an installation video for an option on the Bakflip drain tubes.  
  • Here is a modification to the drain tube video above if your rubber plugs have been sprayed over with a sprayed in bed liner.  


Bakflip Fibermax questions and answers Do I need special products to clean this cover?

All you need is soap and water to keep this cover clean. You do have the option of using a uv ray protection once in a while by applying a 3M formula 303 UV protectant.

Bakflip Fibermax questions and answers Can I drive with the Bakflip Fibermax in the open position?

You can drive with this cover opened in increments of each section, or in the fully opened position for full bed access. The cover stands up behind the cab and their are 2 securing ams to keep it in this position to drive with it fully opened. When the cover is only opened to different sections it should be secured usind the d rings integrated into the cover.

Bakflip Fibermax questions and answers Is the Bakflip Fibermax made with quality in mind?

The panels have a tough textured finish over a fiberglassed reinforced polymer panels. The under of the sections are made fro aluminum. All the framework is made from aircraft rated aluminum. Latches and release cables are all constructed from qualitiy materials to stand the test of time. Hinges and seals are made from tougher materials than you will find elsewhere.

Bakflip Fibermax questions and answers Will I be able to use the stake pockets for my tie downs with the Bakflip Fibermax installed?

Good news, you can use the stake pockets for accessories that require them. The cover mounts between the truck sides and not on top of the sides. It will also work with most bedliners and bed extenders and more.

Bakflip Fibermax questions and answers How is the Bakflip Fibermax in wet weather?

The stong rubber seals do a very good job keeping the water from getting into the sides as well as the hinges. The sied rails act as channels for any water that may find its way in, These channel direct the water toward one end of the siderails aand down through drain tubes that you route to exit your truck bed.

Bakflip Fibermax questions and answers What do others who have already purchased this cover say?

I have went through a lot of previous customer reviews on this cover and I will place the condensed important version of my notes below as soon as I get a chance.

A brief Bakflip Fibermax overview video

 Bakflip Fibermax tonneau cover happy customer 


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  Bakflip Fibermax tonneau cover happy customer


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