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The Best Bak Bakflip HD
Tonneau Cover Review

Truck Bed Covers

This Has Been Called the best review for the Bak Bakflip HD pickup bed cover!

Pickup truck owners have admitted that this review for the Bak Bakflip HD truck bed cover was the best they have found because it has been written to actually help those that have been wondering if this tonneau is what they need.

My main purpose for writing this is to make sure you find the right cover that suits your personal needs unlike most that are out there to try to trick you into buying the cover. To be truthfull I would be lying if I told you that I didn't want you to buy this folding tonneau through this site. I certainly would and I promise that you would receive a best price guarantee but that isn't my true purpose here.

There are lots of tonneau covers available and I believe if I help you and be fair, you will reward me if you do decide a cover is the right fit for your needs.

Short Description:

The Bakflip HD tonneau cover is a hard folding truck bed cover that is and upgrade of the Bakflip G2. Of course with any upgrade comes a little more cost. You get all the features of the G2 with this being a hard folding tonneau cover you get the benefit of super fast and easy access to your truck bed when you need it. It also folds in increments and each section latches down for security. It has the ability to fold all the way to the cab and secure there for full bed access and to protect your rtear window.

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 questions about the Bak Bakflip HD tonneau cover 

Simple questions on the
Bak Bakflip HD tonneau cover

 questions about the Bak Bakflip HD tonneau cover

Bak Bakflip HD truck bed cover questions How does the Bakflip HD stand up in rainy weather?

The hard folding tonneau has a strong, rubber seal that is very tough and goes all the way around the cover. It has durable EPDM rubber hinges that are encased with aluminum which wards water off the cover and into the channels which are actually the side rails. These  channels are designed to carry any water that may have made it through the rubber seals because of dirt and debris toward drain hoses that go down through the truck bed by different means, either through your stake holes or through rubber plugs in the bottom of your truck bed.

Bak Bakflip HD truck bed cover questions Hows the security aspect of the Bak Bakflip HD?

Thieves will have a hard time cutting there way into this cover with a knife or box cutter. Unlike soft tarps this cover is made from strong aluminum panels on top and underneath with a 5/8 eps core in between. Each panel latches down automatically when you close it so forget about thieves trying to pry it up. To release the rear latches, you have open the rear tailgate. A tailgate lock will definitely raise the security factor a great deal. If your pickup doesn't already have one you can buy an aftermarket tailgate lock. At cheap prices and easy install they would make a great investment. 

Bak Bakflip HD truck bed cover questions Is the Bakflip HD made to last?

The cover is manufactured from strong aluminum panels on top and underneath with a thick 5/8 inch eps core in between. They are ffinished with a tough powder coating. This is one of the toughest finishes to protect the product. The clamps are made very strong and require a tool to install. The frame itself is made from aircraft grade aluminum which is also powder coated. The tough EPDM rubber hinges are designed to last a long time with many openings of the cover.

Bak Bakflip HD truck bed cover questions Do I have to remove my bed rail caps to install the Bakflip HD?

There is no need to remove your bed rail caps. The tonneau doesn't install on top of your truck sides, it fits between the pickup sides which leaves your stake pockets free for accessories that require these pockets. Accessories such as, bed rail protector bars, tie downs, truck racks and more. Bed extenders and under-the-rail bed liners, toolboxes & storage units and sliding bed trays also work with this hard folding truck bed cover.

Bak Bakflip HD truck bed cover questions Is it hard to install the Bakflip HD pickup bed cover?

I would suggest you watch the video below first so you can easily make sense of everything you have to do. If you have any do it yourself talent you can easily get through the installation. Some experienced advice as with any installation, take care and do not overtighten the clamps especially in case you need to make some adjustments. You can easily manage to install it on your own but in my opinion it is better to have a friend help get things in place so you don't scratch your paint trying to do it yourself. I have included this installation video which is used on all the Bakflip models. 

This is a basic Bakflip Install Video for a Chev Pickup


Here you will also find specific Bakflip installation videos on vehicles such as,

  • Ford Sport Trac 
  • Toyota Tundra 
  • Toyota Tacoma 
  • Chevy Avalanche 
  • Dodge Rambox 
  • Honda Ridge Line 
  • Ford F150 
  • Ford F250 
  • Here you will find an installation video for an option on the Bakflip drain tubes.
  • Here is a modification to the drain tube video above if your rubber plugs have been sprayed over with a sprayed in bed liner.

Bak Bakflip HD truck bed cover questions Can I drive with the Bak Bakflip HD hard folding truck bed cover open?

Each section of the cover latches down automatically as you close the cover so you can drive with it open in different increments. There are some d rings that are designed into the cover which are located behind the cab of the truck on the top of the cover. You are able to secure the cover down by using these. What makes this cover totally unique is the fact you can open it all the way to the cab with it standing upright covering the back window. There are support rods included that are attached to the rails to secure the cover in this open position. So unlike other folding covers, you have complete access to your truck bed for taller type cargo. It also provides protection for the rear window when loading cargo.

Bak Bakflip HD truck bed cover questions Do I use special cleaners for the Bakflip HD?

Wash the cover with the same soap and water you would use when washing your truck. You can add uv ray protection once in a while by applying a 3M formula 303 UV protectant.

Bak Bakflip HD truck bed cover questions Is there any warranty with the Bakflip HD?

You get a factory 2 year warranty with this tough cover.

Bak Bakflip HD truck bed cover questions Are there good reviews by previous customers for this tonneau?

I have read plenty of previous customer reviews on this pickup bed cover and I will place my notes below. You will get the main points without having to go all over the web like I have.

This is a Bakflip HD overview video.


 Bak Bakflip HD tonneau cover happy customer 


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  Bak Bakflip HD tonneau cover happy customer

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