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The Best Bak Bakflip VP
Tonneau Cover Review

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You are going to quickly learn why this is the best review for the Bak Bakflip VP pickup bed cover!

This review for the Bakflip VP has been called the best simply because it wasn't created with the sole intention of trying to make a sale for the cover like pretty much all other reviews you find on the web including youtube. Most ratings for this cover don't tell the real story.

You will quickly learn that this review is with the intention of showing you evrything you need to know about this truck bed cover so you can determine if the cover is exactly what you need.

My opinions are based upon many previous customer reviews as well as forum talks and anything else I can dig up. Besides the facts you will find at the lower part of this page the points I have taken from all the research I have went through. You will find many of these throughout this website. I spend a lot of time at this so pickup truck owners will have one place to come to get all the facts they need.

Don't get me wrong, I would be very grateful if you did buy this cover through this website and I promise you would get a lowest price guarantee. Befor I look to sell you the cover I want to make sure you have all the right information to make sure this tonneau is the best fit for your personal needs.

Short Description:

The Bakflip VP is Bak's solution to a more affordable hard folding tonneau cover for pickup truck owners. In this cover yoi get all the benefits of the other Bakflip covers but at an affordable price and with some unique features such as the hidden hinges which are completely covered and hidden from plain sight. The cover folds all the way to the cab and secures there just like the rest of the Bakflip line. It still holds plenty of weight and each section closes with automatic latches to keep everything nice and secure. The cover has a beautiful low profile that so many pickup owners look for. Easy to work as it only weighs 50 pounds.

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 questions about the Bak Bakflip VP tonneau cover 

Frequently asked questions on the
Bak Bakflip VP tonneau cover

 questions about the Bak Bakflip VP tonneau cover


Bak Bakflip vp truck bed cover questions Is the Bakflip VP hard to install on a pickup truck?

When you first obtain the Bakflip VP you might be a little overwhelmed. When you open the box and undergo the parts and also view the video clip I placed below, it should quickly be quite understanding to the installer. A do it yourselfer will certainly catch on really swiftly but if you are not usually a do it yourselfer, merely take your time and you ought to have no problem getting the job done. Do not overtighten the clamps particularly in case you have to make some modifications. Although it's not necessary I recommend  to have an individual with you to lend a helping hand. At least this way you have a much better chance not to scratch your truck attempting to work alone.

Bak Bakflip vp truck bed cover questions Is the Bakflip VP a quality product?

It is made with heavy duty aluminum panels which have been vinyl coated for their protection. It has a unique hinge design which remains hidden when the cover is in the closed position. These work well for weather resistance. It has special rubber bumpers that protect your truck in the open and closed position. It is 5/8 thick and has a sturdy EPS core to help it withstand up to 300 pounds on top.

Bak Bakflip vp truck bed cover questions Does the Bakflip VP work with bed rail caps?

This cover works with factory and most non-factory plastic bed caps. Aluminum or stainless steel bed caps will cause problems to install. The VP installs between the truck sides and not on top of them. This leaves your stake pockets open to allow you the option to install different accessories that require these pockets such as, protector bars, truck racks, tie downs, bed rails and more. It also works with bed extenders, under-the-rail bed liners, toolboxes & storage units and sliding bed trays. You will need to cut notches in your over the bed rail bed liner to position the clamps.

Bak Bakflip vp truck bed cover questions Is the Bakflip VP good for bad weather?

The cover has a tough, long lasting rubber seal all the way around the cover. The side rails channel any possible water toward drain hoses that go down through the truck bed and exit underneath your bedliner where you can exit them from your truck bed. There is a couple of options for this drain hose. There is usually a hole in the top of the stake pocket where you can route the drain hose or there is sometimes rubber plugs in the the corners of your truck bed you can drill a hole just large enough for the hose to fit through. The hinges are completely covered and non visible for better weather protection.

Bak Bakflip vp truck bed cover questions Can I drive with the Bak Bakflip VP hard folding truck bed cover open?

As with the other Bakflip models the cover latches down automatically so you can drive with it open in different increments. There are some d rings which are integrated into the cover behind the truck cab. You can use these to help secure the sections when they are opened in increments. It stands upright covering the back window when opened all the way. Support rods are fitted to the rails to secure the cover in this open position. You have full access for taller type cargo when fully opened. Your rear window is also protected when loading the pickup in this position.

Bak Bakflip vp truck bed cover questions How do I clean the Bakflip VP?

Just use soap and water to clean this tonneau as you would use on your truck when you wash it. For added protection you can apply a 3M formula 303 UV protection from time to time.

Bak Bakflip vp truck bed cover questions Will the Bak Bakflip VP pickup bed cover provide good security for my cargo?

A hard folding tonneau cover offers good protection for your cargo. The VP like other Bakflip models has the benefit of each section latching automatically. You can't even pry up on the center of the cover because of this feature. You have to open the tailgate to release the rear latches. If you have a tailgate lock it will raise the security factor greatly. If you don't have one already you are able to buy one such as this aftermarket tailgate lock. They don't cost a  whole lot and they are very easy to install. You will find these to be well worth the money.

Bak Bakflip vp truck bed cover questions Does the Bakflip VP come with a warranty?

This cover is backed by a factory guarantee for 1 full year.

Bak Bakflip vp truck bed cover questions What do previous customers have to say about the Bak Bakflip VP tonneau cover?

I have gone through plenty of previous customer reviews on the Bakflip VP and I have jotted down notes. I will mark these notes as I condense them so you are only reading fresh material. You will find them at the bottom of this page when I have finished.

This is a product overview to give a better idea of what the product is all about.

 Bak Bakflip VP tonneau cover happy customer 


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  Bak Bakflip VP tonneau cover happy customer


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