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The Best Bak Rollbak
Tonneau Cover Review

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There are some simple reasons why this is known as the best review for the Bak Rollbak tonneau cover!

This is known by many to be the best this review for the Bak Rollbak truck bed cover is the best simply because of its no nonsense content as well as not trying to trick you into buying the cover.

You will soon figure out my purpose is not to tryy to sell you something you do not need or want. I want you to know everything about this cover as well as hear what others have to say about this pickup bed cover. That way you will have a better understanding if this cover is for yoiu or not.

 Of course I would like you to purchase the cover through this site if you are going to buy, and I promise, you will have a lowest price guarantee if you do decide this cover is the proper model for you.

I want you to be sure that this pickup bed cover is best suited for you and your pickup truck. My opinions are based on numerous previous customer reviews that I have read and took notes of everything I thought you may be interested in knowing.

Short Description:

The Rollbak G2 tonneau cover is a manual retractable tonneau cover. If you are not sure what type of cover this is check out the types of covers on the tonneau covers homepage. The Rollbak has an aircraft grade aluminum exterior. The cover has a textured black powder coat finish. The underside has a marine grade, mildew resistant felt lining. This keeps the cover very quiet. The entire cover has a weight of 120 pounds. It operates on automatic spring tension. The canister is made from and ABS plastic which is impact resistant. It has a dual latch system to keep your cover closed and to keep unwanted people out. The canister cover can be swapped out with an optional specially designed canister cover toolbox. 


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 questions about the Bak Rollbak G2 tonneau cover 

Familiar questions on the
Bak Rollbak G2 tonneau cover

 questions about the Bak Rollbak G2 tonneau cover

Rollbak G2 questions  Do I have to open the Rollbak pickup bed cover all the way and close it all the way to use it?

The cover stays in fully opened or closed positon as well as 12 inch intervals if you only need the cover opened partially. You can drive with it in any of these positions.

Rollbak G2 questions  Is the cover hard to install?

This cover takes more time than a folding or roll up cover but it isn't that hard to accomplish for a do it yourselfer. You do have to drill holes in rubber plugs that are in your truck bed to allow the drain hoses to exit the box. You also need a wrench to tighten the clamps that hold the frame to your truck bed sides.

Rollbak G2 questions  Does the Rollbak tonneau cover work with bed rail protector bars?

This cover works with most all stake hole accessories such as bed rail protectors, tie downs and much more. It also works with under the rail liners. Notches will have to be cut into over the rail liners to accomodate the covers rail clamps.

Rollbak G2 questions  How does the Bak Rollbak G2 keep water out?

The cover has seals along the canister cover and the tailgate. It seals out debris along the sides but any water that does enter runs down the channels and into the canister behind the cab. The water then drains out of the canister through tubes that exit the truck box through holes that must be drilled into rubber plugs below the canister in the truck bed.

Rollbak G2 questions Is the Rollbak truck bed cover made with quality materials?

The cover is made with heavy duty slats that make up the panel of the cover. These slats along with the frame is made from aircrafted rated aluminum which has been powder coated. Underneath the panel is lined with marine grade, mildew resistant felt lining. This lining protects the top finish when it rolls up inside the canister as well as keeps operation very quiet.

Rollbak G2 questions Does the Rollbak pickup bed cover provide good security for my cargo?

The cover automatically latches by pulling it shut. You must open the tailgate to release the latches from one side underneath the cover. The cover itself is very strong. You are not going to cut through it with a box cutter. If you have a tailgate lock it will add much more security. If don't already have a tailgate lock installed you can purchase one such as this bolt tailgate lock. They are not that expensive and very easy to install.

Rollbak G2 questions Does the Bak Rollbak G2 come with a warranty?

The Rollbak has a factory limited 2 year warranty.

Rollbak G2 questions What do other who have purchased this cover say?

I have gone through a lot of previous customer reviews on this cover  and I will place everything I think may interest you at the bottom of this page.

I have included a video for you to get a much better picture of what the Rollbak cover provides.


 Bak Rollbak G2 tonneau cover happy customer 


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  Bak Rollbak G2 tonneau cover happy customer


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