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The Extang trifecta tonneau cover is a soft tri-fold folding tonneau cover. You will notice this truck bed cover on more pickup trucks than any other soft folding pickup bed cover. It is much cheaper than the hard folding covers but gives you the option to get at your truck bed very easily. There are no snaps or velcro to slow you down. Order this Pickup Bed Cover today and expect fast shipping, great customer service and a lowest price guarantee. Get much more information as well as prices for your truck by hitting the buy button below.

Is the Extang Tifecta soft folding cover secure?

The cover latches down and you must lower the tailgate to open it. If you have a tailgate lock or add an aftermarket tailgate lock your goods are fairly secure with two aspects. Your cargo is out of sight and out of mind as well as the fact you must lower the tailgate to open it. Of course, if someone is determined and has real criminal intentions, they can cut through the cover with a sharp knife or box cutter. There are always exceptions but there are not a lot of people that would cut through, at least without knowing for sure there is something under the cover of value.

Does the Extang Trifecta Tonneau Cover leak?

If someone is trying to sell you any truck bed cover and tells you any cover definitely does not leak, you can be pretty certain they will tell you anything to make the sale. This pickup bed cover does a very good job keeping the wet weather out of your cargo area, but any cover can leak a little. During a very hard rain or using a high pressure car wash and hitting the cover side on around the sealing area, you may notice a little water finding a way in. If you don't have a tailgate seal or did a poor job of installing one are areas of concern. The amount of water sometimes depends on how good a job you did at installing the cover, you shouldn't see much water at all. All in all, the cover does do a good job at keeping the water out.

Does the Extang Trifecta truck bed cover provide full access to the truck bed area?

With most folding tonneau covers the rear sections fold on top of the section behind the cab. They usually secure there to be able to drive with them open. Unfortunately, you lose the area of this last section for taller type cargo. If you need the complete bed area for taller type cargo, you will have to remove the folding cover itself. This can be easily done because installation is extremely fast. The only drawback is the fact you will have to either leave the cover at home or place it in the back with your cargo.

Is the Extang Trifecta Tonneau Cover right for you?

This cover is good if you are looking for a truck bed cover that allows quicker and easier access than roll up covers. It is also good for those who are looking for medium security for their cargo. It does a good job of protecting your cargo from the elements as well as thieves. You can rest assured as far as quality goes. This cover is a great alternative to the higher priced hard folding covers.

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Extang Trifecta Reviews

  • Custom made to fit your vehicle 
  • Folds in sections allowing you access to your truck bed in seconds 
  • The havy duty tarp is sewn to the aluminum frame and cross bows 
  • Secures at the tailgate with spring clamps 
  • Ships fully assembled for fast installation 
  • Clamp on installation, no drill or tools needed 
  • The tarp has a 10 year warranty and lifetime on the frame 

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  This product gives you the ability to get at your truck bed easily. It ships fully assembled and is ready to install when it arrives at your door. Order today and get fast shipping, great customer service and a lower price guarantee. Go above to find the reviews button for real previous customer evaluations.

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