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Hinged Truck Bed Covers
(Hard and Soft)

Truck Bed Covers

  Hinged Tonneau Covers offers the advantage of easy access to your truck bed that doesn't take much strength to open. Opening is usually assisted by gas charged shocks. Here we offer you an assortment of hinged truck bed covers made by such manufacturers as Extang soft, Lund Genesis soft, GayLords hard fiberglass, and UnderCover hard.

   These hinged tonneau covers are available in such names as;

  • Extang FullTilt as well as the Fulltilt toolbox edition. A great soft cover which is economically priced and allows you fast easy one handed access to your truck bed 
  • Lund Genesis Hinged Tonneau. Another popular soft cover which comes at a cheap price.  
  • Ranch has a couple of fiberglass hard hinged tonneau covers that are very sought after by truck owners. These include such names as the Legacy and Sportwrap Tonneau Covers   
  • The Undercover hard hinged tonneau is a hard cover but is made of a durable polymer plastic and is more economically priced than the fiberglass lids. This is a very popular cover. 

  Get more information and prices on any of these truck bed covers by following the links below.


Hot Tip!

Order online and not by telephone to take advantage of the special pricing and promotions. If you are unsure about something and have questions, you can always use the phone after you have ordered to make changes or to ask questions. This way your price will already be locked in and you will be ahead

 Ranch Legacy Hinged Tonneau Cover

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Ranch Legacy Tonneau Cover

Ranch Legacy Tonneau Cover Image

Ranch Sportwrap Hinged Tonneau Cover

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Ranch Sportwrap Tonneau Cover

Sportwrap Tonneau Cover Image

Extang FullTilt Hinged Tonneau Cover

Click here for more info and pricing
FullTilt tonneau!

Fulltilt hinged truck bed cover image

Extang FullTilt Tool Box Hinged Tonneau Cover

Click here for more information and prices on the
FullTilt Tool Box tonneau!

extang fulltilt tool box hinged tonneau image

Lund Genesis Hinged Tonneau Cover

lund hinged tonneau cover image

For prices and more information on the
Lund Hinged Tonneau click here


UnderCover Tonneau Cover

For more info and prices on the
Undercover tonneau click here!

 undercover hinged tonneau image

  With this assortment of hinged lids you should be able to find a hinged truck bed cover to suit your needs. Whether your looking for a hard fiberglass, hard plastic, or soft truck bed lid, you can hit the more info links to get more details and prices of your favorite Hinged Tonneau Covers.

Tonneau Covers