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ToolBox Tonneau Covers

Truck Bed Covers

  A Toolbox Tonneau Cover is available with both, tool boxes added to them, (which is great if you don't already own a truck tool box) and without a tool box, (which is good if you already own a truck tool box or there is a tool box that you take a fancy to somewhere else). You need protection for your tools from both weather and thieves.  

American Work Cover

(Tool Box included)

retractable tonneau cover with truck tool box image

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Retractable Tonneau Cover with Tool Box

   The ultimate tonneau cover with toolbox. A retractable truck bed cover that comes with a truck tool box which is conveniently placed in an area that used to be useless, right above the canister.


Access Tool Box Edition Tonneau Cover

(Requires a truck tool box available here! Truck Tool Box)

Access toolbox tonneau cover image

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Access Toll box tonneau Click Here!

  The Access Tool Box edition tonneau cover is manufactured to work with your own truck tool box. The bars and bows roll up with the tonneau cover giving you quick and easy access to your cargo area. The tarp is UV protected and with the vinyl coated fabric your truck bed cover will remain flexible in very cold weather.


Extang Tool Box Tonneau Cover

(Requires a truck tool box available here!)



extang tool box tonneau cover image

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Extang Tool Box Tonneau!

  The Extang Tool Box Tonneau Cover will handle a tool box you already own between eighteen and twenty one inches deep.It comes with an aluminum frame and a heavy duty tarp with very tough adjustable snaps.


Extang FullTilt Tool Box Tonneau Cover

(Requires a truck tool box you can get here! Truck Tool Box)


extang fulltilt tool box tonneau image

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Extang Fulltilt Tool box tonneau click here

  The Extang soft tool box tonneau cover allows you to get fast access to your truck bed with ease of operation and still have a tool box for your tools. The lid just tilts up on hinges very easily with the aid of two gas shocks. If that isn't enough you have the capability to roll it up or take it off completely with no tools required.


   You should be able to find toolbox tonneau cover to suit your needs. Tonneau covers are great but sometimes you need added protection for your tools. You won't have any trouble finding great protection for your tools with one of the Toollbox Tonneau Covers.

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